Asia Law Society University of Toronto

The Asia Law Society (ALS) provides a forum for students of all backgrounds to further their interests in legal development in Asia as well as legal issues relevant to the Asian Canadian community.  We pursue these goals by engaging in a variety of initiatives and partnerships in order to benefit our membership body.  This past academic year, ALS began our partnership with the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers (FACL), which provides educational, networking and mentorship opportunities to students. Next year, we will host the 9th Asian Canadian Law Students Conference in collaboration with Asian Law Society of Osgoode (ALSO).

Executive 2012-2013

President: Lin Cong

VP Events: Bobby Leung

VP External: Vince Wong

VP Finance: Mary Phan

1L Representatives: Ivan Lum, Cindy Yi

If you are interested in joining our mailing list, or if you have questions or ideas, please feel free to contact us via

Also, please feel free to join our facebook page.


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