Applying to be the President for the Asia Law Society 2013-2014

The Asia Law Society is seeking applications for the President for the academic year 2013-2014!

ALS President Application 2013-2014

Law students of all backgrounds at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law who will continue to be enrolled at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law for the next academic year are welcomed to apply.

The application is due on Friday March 22, 2013 by noon. Please email your completed form and your résumé to with the subject heading: President Application.

Who we are?

The Asia Law Society (ALS) provides a forum for students of all backgrounds to further their interests in legal development in Asia as well as legal issues relevant to the Asian Canadian community. This past academic year, ALS began our partnership with the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers (FACL), which provides educational, networking and mentorship opportunities to students. Next year, we will host the 9th Asian Canadian Law Students Conference in collaboration with Osgoode Asian Law Society (ALSO). For more information, please visit

What does the President or the Co-President(s) do?

As the President or the Co-President, you will be responsible for overseeing activities and organization of the group. Your responsibilities include but are not limited to: executive member recruitment, event planning, membership, promotion and marketing, and partnership with other student groups, firms and organizations. In February 2014, you will work with ALSO to organize the 10th Asian-Canadian Law Students Conference in February 2014. The time commitment for this position varies throughout the year.


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